I enjoy Tumblr far too much i think it's great. I'm not too good at customising it though.I spend the majority of my time on Youtube watching cats or endless hours watching makeup tutorials.
I have a (some may say) creepy obsession and fascination with Disney and everything it is, but hopefully one day i can be apart of that world.(Wish i was Pocahontas, just putting that out there) I wear dresses 99.9% of the time, idolize Taylor Swift and have all her albums on repeat every single day. I hope one day i can be an artist, and in the future prove I am stronger than they think. I'm always watching The Big Bang Theory & i love Sheldon Cooper.
Sparkles, glitter and cute words like love and cuddles are just like my ultimate THING, i can't help i'm just attracted.
I adore chinese & japanese culture and hope one day i can speak enough Cantonese that a certain somene will approve of. 我愛你 DC.

Oh by the way, I'm Kara (卡拉) ;-)

~We lose ourselves in the things we love, but we find ourselves there too.~




remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This is so sad and true

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